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We find the right capital for you

Your partner from designing the pitch to closing 

Finding the right capital for emerging founders, start-ups, private equity deal-by-deal teams, serial entrepreneurs, club deals as well as niche funds is a complex task that must be well tailored and executed. We are experts in this field and see ourselves as your guide on that journey.



Transaktionswerk specializes in the design and execution of fundraising processes for our clients in the European Union. Our work is based on years of practical experience and on the data from leading data providers.

This is what we care about!

New ideas and great entrepreneurial visions can only flourish with the required capital. Without the necessary capital, the vision will remain a vision and neither lead to change, nor to success.


Our passion is finding you the right capital from the right investors.


This is what we do!

We offer emerging managers our partnership along the journey of capital raising from the very first sketch of a winning storyline to a successful closing, whether for start-ups, the next funding round or follow-on transaction.


We are there to look after and guide them through our structured processes covering all aspects of a successful fundraising, based on decades of experience in bringing capital and opportunity together.


And this is why we think you should care about it!

We are firmly convinced that too many useful and valuable products, services, technologies, companies, jobs and investment opportunities do not exist because the initiators did not have the right partners when raising the necessary capital. 


If you feel that you are not able to find capital and investors on your own, but your project is too small to work with an international investment bank, our passion for raising capital for small to medium sized projects will convince you.

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