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Space for investments

The GALLERY is the place where we inspire investors for investments and their stories.


In the GALLERY, all story materials developed in the Transaktionswerk STUDIO (e.g. communication tools, presentations, videos, PR messages) are used in the communication with potential investors in order to achieve the best possible impact with potential investors within the applicable regulatory framework. 

Start Gallery

In the GALLERY we bring your investment experience to life!

A tour full of opportunities. This is where potential investors find what they are looking for.
A space to browse, search and find. A space bringing investments to life. 

The art of the possible

Staging your fundraising right

We identify suitable client categories as well as the appropriate investors and specifically develop the most suitable channels for each project, be it social media (LinkedIn), press releases, investment databases, communication platforms, portals or platforms. These are then played on through an individually coordinated communication and media plan to achieve the greatest possible impact.  



Leverage relationships effectively

Communication and media plans can be further customized to more effectively address existing relationships of the initiator.


Supporting this, we make available the cross-industry networks and distribution partnerships we have built over the years to further increase reach.



Effectiveness and efficiency

In the GALLERY we focus on the core message and the early exchange between investors and founders/initiators, so that they can get a vivid impression of the project in the easiest and most time-saving possible way.

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