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Space for creativity

The STUDIO is the place where we work with our clients to convert ideas, concepts, analyses and models into an effective story, that creates the right images in the investor's heads.

Start Studio

How stories become pictures

Our work begins with the review and analysis of existing documents, external presentation and general information about the founders, start-ups or funds. 

Facts tell – Stories sell

The transformation of the state of affairs

From presentations, Excel spreadsheets, mails and marketing documents, information emerges that describes ideas and plans for the required funding, but all too often these are incomplete and focus too much on the perspective of the capital seeker - consequently, these fragments of information are often incomprehensible to investors, overloaded with details and more irritating than convincing.


The STUDIO's work spans the development of the story/storyline as the "central theme" and underlays it with the appropriate images and materials. This creates the decision-making images in the recipient´s mind, which can make the difference and is clearly and unambiguously understood from the investor's point of view. 


The primary goal is always to clearly position the investor's point of view and advantages, opportunities and risks for the investor.



is the teacher in everything (Gaius Julius Caesar)


An essential factor of success is our experience in dealing with professional and institutional investors, which enables us to assess precisely what needs exist among the various decision-makers.


The central PROBLEM is the discrepancy between the amount of information to be conveyed and the realistically available attention span of an investor, i.e. the time he can devote to a new investment target in the first contact.


Our SOLUTION is not to overwhelm investors with information, but to reduce the story to ONE CORE MESSAGE. 

Core Message

Limitation to the essentials

Is it possible to present the company history, the prospects, the background and the project in such a condensed way? 


We think YES! and are convinced that it is even mandatory to be successful. In art, true masterpieces are often characterized by the fact that the artist expresses the essentials with just a few strokes, leaves out the non-essentials and allows an unblurred view of the core of the depicted object.


Crucial for this is, the craftsmanship and applied technique, but also the INNER ATTITUDE, which becomes visible to the investor.

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